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We help lawyers use legal tech to reduce operational waste.

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Law Firm Consulting, Nationwide

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At Well Balanced LLC, we provide the following legal services.

Clio Buildout

We can help you if you are new to Clio and need the whole system built from the ground up.   

Clio Rebuild

If you have been using Clio but need to optimize your workflows and automations, let us do the heavy lifting! 

Clio Assistance

Looking for someone to build out task lists or automate some documents, we can analyze your needs and get the work done!  

Michigan Family Law

If you are looking for a Michigan Family Law attorney, click here:

Woznicki Law PLC

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Meet the team

We bring legal expertise and business experience to help balance what's important in your practice and in life. 

Mechelle A. Woznicki

Mechelle A. Woznicki

Collaborative Family Law Attorney, Mediator and Certified Clio Consultant

Hi, I'm Mechelle, a family law attorney with a unique background. As a U.S. Navy Veteran and Global Strategic Sourcing Manager in healthcare, I've honed skills in pressure-driven environments and managed multi-million-dollar contracts. My expertise extends to law through a focus on continuous improvement and lean manufacturing. This diverse background allows me to bring a strategic and settlement-focused approach to family law, mediation, and law firm consulting. Whether navigating complex legal issues or assisting fellow attorneys in optimizing their practices, I am dedicated to efficiency, effectiveness, and delivering results. Choose me as your attorney for a streamlined, results-driven legal experience.

Kacie Fraaza

Kacie Fraaza

Office Manager

Hi! I'm Kacie, Office Manager at Woznicki Law. As a mom of three in a blended family, I feel like I can really connect with our clients. I have been in their shoes, having gone through a divorce with young children years ago. I also love working with my mom, Mechelle, we have such a great personal and working relationship. The office is always filled with love, laughter, and my high energy kids.



VP of Employee Wellness, a/k/a Law Dawg

Splash is a very good judge of character and just like his human, he loves family. To be clear, his definition of family includes anyone that has a treat, a leash, or a tennis ball. Coming to a law firm can be stressful for some people, and Splash helps by being a soothing companion. Some even say he's like a “therapy dog” for the office.

Cristine Anderson

Cristine Anderson

Marketing Manager

What I really love about working with the team is that we are always looking for new ways of doing things at the firm that offers more value to our customers, by reducing wasteful steps in the process. Together we also help other lawyers do the same thing and practice law in a Well Balanced manner.

Scott Woznicki

Scott Woznicki

Technology Manager

Hi! My name is Scott, and I am the Technology Manager at Well Balanced Legal. Like Mechelle, I am a United States Navy Veteran with 12 years of service under my belt, serving alongside her while raising our family at various duty stations worldwide. Mechelle's dedication to creating work-life balance for our family translates into her being an exceptional attorney, committed to providing the best possible outcomes for clients. I love that she has created this company, because it allows us to spend more time together and really gives us a Well Balanced life!

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